Sunday, August 8, 2010

Melbourne Art Fair 2010 and Waking Sleeping Beauty at MIFF

We've got a really full day ahead of us today -- first stop the Melbourne Art Fair over at the Royal Exhibition Building. I'm really excited to see what kind of work is there. I've been going to a lot of galleries since I got here, and generally I have only seen the work of early career artists, so I am really curious about the selection.

Later on we're going to another MIFF screening, of Don Hahn's Waking Sleeping Beauty. As you can imagine we're both really excited about seeing this, as it centers on the story of the Disney company as it changes from struggling family business to corporate success story in the 1980s.

It's interesting that the Tim Burton show is on at ACMI here at the moment, who is himself part of the Waking Sleeping Beauty narrative. The Burton/Disney interaction hasn't been represented much in the exhibition at ACMI, so it's going to be interesting to see that part.

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