Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Project & New Studio!

All Nations Park 2012 by PachinkoPictures
All Nations Park 2012, a photo by PachinkoPictures on Flickr.
It's been a while since either of us posted to our blog; the usual story -- too busy to attend to the small things. The release of Lol-a-Coaster on iOS earlier this year went incredibly well, and the game has been really well received. I am going to do a post that captures all of the reviews and comments together in come place in the next few weeks. Download numbers and review scores have all been good, so we're feeling pretty upbeat about the prospect of doing more client games in the future.

We're in the final stages of signing a new game project at the moment -- a project that is quite a bit larger than Lol-a-Coaster. It's going to mean that we scale up from our small one room office to something that can accomodate 6 or so people. It's great to be in the position to collaborate with people and bring them into the Pachinko family on new projects. Hopefully, should everything go to plan, we will be kicking off things in the next week or so. We've been looking for offices in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, but since our awesome new coder lives in the south it's likely that we'll opt for somewhere more central.

In other news, we've submitted Lol-a-Coaster to the 2012 Desktop Create Awards here in Melbourne, as a tentative first push to see what people think about the game. Fingers crossed!

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